Horse Creek Mitigation Bank

Latitude 35.3770999673
Longitude -88.6397435488

Service Areas


            South Fork Forked Deer Watershed                 (08010205)


            North Fork Forked Deer Watershed                  (08010204)

             Lower Hatchie River Watershed                       (08010208)

             Upper Hatchie River Watershed                       (08010207)

                  Forked Deer River Watershed                           (08010206)

Level III Ecoregion    

      Southeastern Plains                            (65)

      Mississippi Alluvial Plain                    (73)

      Mississippi Valley Loess Plains          (74)


Level IV Ecoregion   

     Southeastern Plains and Hills             (65e)

Chester County South Fork Forked Deer Watershed (HUC08010205)

The Horse Creek Mitigation Bank will assist in current and future development within the following larger Tennessee cities:

Bolivar, Duersburg, Alamo, Trenton, Jackson, Huntington, Selmer, Covington, Ripley

The Horse Creek Mitigation Bank will create stream and wetland mitigation credits for the following Tennessee counties as primary or secondary:

Chester, Fayette, Hardin, Haywood, Lauderdale, Madison, Tipon, Henderson, Dyer, Crocket, Gibson, Madison, Carroll

The Horse Creek Mitigation Bank comprises of 96.7+/- acres located in Chester County, Tennessee. This site is located in the South Fork Forked Deer Watershed (HUC08010205).

This Bank was created to restore and improve the ecological functions This restoration of the stream and wetlands will improve the stability of the land and improve the aquatic environment. A few of the primary objectives:

Increase habitat and species diversity
Improve/Restore hydrologic regime
Improve water quality
Protect wetland areas from future alteration


Total Stream Mitigation Credits


Total Wetland Mitigation Credits


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