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Based in the great State of Tennessee, Mr. Rice created a mitigation company – Wetland & Stream Restoration Services, to relieve the continual burden and shortage of mitigation credits. Mitigation banking is the preservation, enhancement, restoration or creation of a wetland, stream or habitat conservation area which offsets, or compensates for, expected adverse impacts to similar nearby ecosystems. Mitigation banks place a perpetual conservation easement on the land, with a trust fund specifically dedicated to long term management of natural resources inherent to the bank – all of which Wetland & Stream Restoration Services has been able to successfully accomplish. 

Wetland & Stream Restoration Services owns and has all rights to our project sites. This coupled with using only local service contractors separates us from our competition. 
In 2001, Mr. Rice set out on a much needed journey to begin satisfying mitigation needs for a project of his own. Upon the successful restoration it was apparent the need of regulatory credit requirements far outweighed the availability. Mr. Rice was compelled that he had not only the responsibility but the know how to ease individuals, corporations, cities, and state agencies with their demand. Mr. Rice graduated from MTSU in 1974 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. Throughout his career, he has served as Chairman of the Board for the Tennessee Wildlife Federation (TWF) for 8 years as well as Commissioner for the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) for 3 years.
Wetland & Stream Restoration Services ensures that each project site will not just meet, but exceed standards and sustain the environment for generations to come by working directly with:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services
Tennessee Department of Environmental Quality
Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency
Natural Resource Conservation Services
Tennessee Valley Authority


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If we pollute the air, water and soil that keep us alive and well, and destroy the biodiversity that allows natural systems to function, no amount of money will save us”

David Suzuki

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